Adoption ProcessAdoption Process

Thank you for choosing to adopt! The process for adopting an animal through Charlie's Angels involves several steps:

1. Choose which animal you'd like to adopt. You can see our adoptable animals on or you can stop by our shelter at 5526 Hendersonville Road in Fletcher. We are open 7 days a week. Some of our animals are in foster care and those are included on the PetFinder website.  We also hold regular adoption events so check our schedule for one near you!

2. If you have existing pets, arrange for a "meet and greet" with your potential adoptee. 

3. Complete the adoption application.

4. Once your application has been received, we will contact you about a home visit. If you have existing pets, we will also contact your vet.

5. When your application is approved, come to our shelter, sign the adoption contract, pay the adoption fee, and pick up the newest member of your family!

Our goal is to always make sure our rescues are adopted into a home that is best suited for the animal. Charlie’s Angels will give a potential adopter every opportunity to select the animal they want. However, if the adopter wants a certain animal and the adoption team does not believe it to be a good match, we help the adopter choose an animal that is better suited to the particular situation. Although we are flexible, we may refuse to place specific dogs/cats in certain homes that we deem unsuitable for any reason.

We will not process any out of state adoption application until the potential adopter has met the animal. If there are other animals already in the home, we also require a "meet and greet" with the existing house pet and any dog being considered for adoption.  When there are multiple applications for an animals, our preference is to adopt locally.

Charlie’s Angels will not knowingly adopt any animal:

  • To any individual under the age of 21 years
  • To individuals with a history of animal abuse, neglect or abandonment
  • To homes where current pets are not spayed or neutered, not on flea and heartworm prevention or not up to date on all required vaccinations
  • To be used for experimentation
  • To be slaughtered for food or to breed animals for slaughter
  • To be used as an attack guard dog
  • To be turned over to a person who has been refused an adoption
  • To be given to another person who is unaware of the adoption
  • To a residence where pets are not allowed
  • To an individual who is not considered an adult
  • To a home where the animal is going to be chained
  • To a home where all family members are not in favor of the adoption
  • To a home with dogs that are living outside full time.

Charlie’s Angels adopts animals to self-sufficient adults who demonstrate that they are responsible persons and can give adequate assurances that they intend to provide proper care for an animal’s entire life (15-20 years). All adopters must have a vet or have selected one to use for their new pet. Proper care includes the following:

  • Proper diet and fresh water
  • Safe, comfortable shelter from the elements and potential dangers
  • Routine and emergency veterinary care
  • Proper identification on pets and complying with local animal laws
  • Adequate training and supervision
  • Daily exercise and companionship
  • Flea and tick preventative, heartworm preventative, and all required vaccinations, must be up to date at the time of application.
  • Animals already in the home should be spayed or neutered. Spay and neuter surgery for adopted pet will be done at an appropriate age if not already performed prior to adoption

Charlie’s Angels prefers a fenced yard for our adoptees, but fences are not mandated in all cases. However, in specific situations, certain dogs may require a fenced yard. Charlie’s Angels does not prohibit the use of invisible fences, but discourages their use when the owner is not at home.


Dogs 12 months and younger: $200.00
Dogs 1 year and older: $150.00
Kittens under 6 months old: $75.00
Cats 6 months and older: $50.00


 A follow-up visit will be made to the adopting family 2 weeks after an adoption is completed. Any failure of the family to follow the adoption agreement made with Charlie’s Angels can result in the adoption being voided and the pet being returned to the organization.