A small skinny dog wandered into our back yard one night. Like a little ghost she was there...then she was gone again. When I found her on the edge of the golf course I had treats in hand and  got her to come to me. I left a trail of the  treats that led her into the fenced area of our yard  and eventually into our sun room where she ate some more sitting perched on my lap. In no time, her tired little body relaxed as she leaned into me and closed her eyes.

Since that night, we fed  her whatever she could eat to try and put some meat back on her tiny frame. She only weighs about 13 pounds.  We also had her spayed and vaccinated....all this with the intention of finding her a good home either through Charlies Angels Animal Rescue or on our own. the saying goes...."dogs leave paw prints on our hearts"....and this little girl did just that.  Now where there once was one...then there are three.

Were we looking to add a third dog to our pack? No.  But sweet little Miss Boo changed all that and is now officially the smallest member of the Clay Team.