It was the worst of times for two young mama kitties.  Both found themselves with a litter of kittens and no place to call home.  A local shelter informed us of Ginny and her sweet family of five.  A concerned county resident reached out for help with Sable after she moved in underneath their home to care for her two newborns.  Wonderful foster families stepped up in both cases to make saving these nine lives possible.

As it became time to wean each of the litters, there was an interesting development.  Sable was quickly adopted, and her babies, Wilma and Betty moved into our Safe Haven's cattery along with Ginny.  Now who do you think started mothering Wilma and Betty?  You guessed it!  Ginny nurtured them just like they were her own, and soon the three were inseparable.  Their attachment for each other proved irresistible, and all three were adopted together!  It was the best of times!  (NOTE:  Three of Ginny's kittens remain available for adoption.)