LeRoy (Buddy)LeRoy (Buddy)

Heartworm disease is a death sentence for many dogs. It is expensive to treat, and left untreated, will most certainly kill your dog.  LeRoy (now Buddy) was one of the first CAAR dogs to undergo HW treatment and the first to suffer any side effects.  The procedure left him blind and very unsure of himself. In stepped a long-term foster, who provided a stable home with the necessary accommodations to help him regain his confidence.  Without her, Buddy most assuredly would never have met his new mom.

When Buddy met Alma Harper for the first time, he picked her out of a crowd, went straight to her, and put his head near her leg.  Buddy knew before Alma did that he was home. Buddy joins "lovebug" Foxy, also newly adopted from CAAR and just finishing HW treatment. He has even regained some of his sight. "I can't find anything wrong except he is so unsure of what is going on with his life.  I don't trade, exchange, or get rid of my babies.  This is home forever," said Alma.