There he was, sitting in the cat tower—self assured, big green eyes, lots of orange and cream fur—“he had me at “MEOW.”  They call him Marmalade and he came to CAAR from the mean streets of Transylvania County.  He is not a hisser, doesn’t make a ruckus--he just gets along. He loves to sit on the cushions and stare out the window.  He plays with the feather boa but stares at the laser with contempt.  He has a big purr and likes to be petted--I knew I had to find him a home.

Ruth was not looking for a cat but when I asked if I could introduce Marmalade to her she graciously said “Yes.”  I opened his carrier door and he walked out, looked into Ruth’s eyes and made another conquest.  After just one night he moved from the downstairs to the upstairs with the rest of the family.  Ruth renamed him “Willie” after Willie Nelson.  She observed his command of the room and paws that reached out into the air like he was playing the air guitar.

I visited Ruth and Willie the other day.  He was sitting on a cushion, under the window next to Ruth and Tuffy the dog.  They were all enjoying the moment and each other.  Willie found a home.