Hi, my name is Sassy and here is my story. I didn't WANT to come to the shelter but, because I was running loose, I was brought there. I was scared and didn't know what would happen to me but I overheard them saying that my family was going to come for me. As the days wore on that never happened and I began to fear the worst. I kept hearing something about euthanasia and it terrified me! But, then suddenly, my luck changed and I was visited by some Angels! Charlie's Angels! They took me out of the shelter, put me in a nice foster home, and treated me for kennel cough. They also had something done called neutering which wasn't fun at all! Pretty soon, I found myself in a van on the way to New Hampshire. They kept telling me it  was a great place and that I would find my forever home there! Well, they were right! As you can see, I have the most wonderful family who loves me and takes care of me. I love them very, very much and I am so thankful that they chose to have me as their own. the Angels who rescued me, I just want to say thank you for saving my life!