Imagine being afraid.  Imagine being abandoned and left for dead.   Imagine losing your ability to trust.  Imagine Toby in April 2012.

After two weeks, when the toilet ran dry, neighbors began hearing incessant barking coming from the presumed empty house next door.  Police broke in and found the owners gone and Toby, starving and scared.

Charlie’s Angels intervened on Toby’s behalf in a matter of days, and he slowly began to trust the volunteers who worked with him so patiently each day.  He proved very quickly to be loving and loyal, but fear aggressive to strangers, especially men.  We knew it would take a very special woman, if Toby was to find his forever home.
Laura Horton saw Toby on PetFinder in mid-October.  His good looks caught her eye; his sad story pricked her heart.  She came to the Haven every day, even if it was just to sit in his run, to build his trust.  On November 9th, Toby went home with Laura and her fiancé, Ben.   She continues to work with local trainer, Chris Stewart (Warrior Service Dogs) to improve Toby’s fear aggression toward strangers.  Laura says, “Toby is doing great.  He has changed so much—for the better!”